Relay Computer

My journey in constructing an 8 bit relay computer from scratch ... made from of a ton of solder, wires, lights, relays, sweat, tears, swearing and money.

ALU Construction: Control Card Power Rails & Wire Wrap

14 Mar 2014     construction , ALU

I’ve been a bit short of time lately so I’ve been working on the ALU Control Card in little bursts … but after lots of these little bursts I’ve now got all the power rails and wire wrap done for this card.

Here’s the card as it currently stands:

ALU Control Card ALU Control Card (close up top half) ALU Control Card (close up bottom half)

… and this is how the power rails look on the solder side of the card …

ALU Control Card (solder side)

With the rails and wire wrap all done the card just needs the relays popping in and it should be ready for a test drive.