A blog about a computer made from relays - page 11

My journey in constructing an 8 bit relay computer from scratch ... made from of a ton of solder, wires, lights, relays, sweat, tears, swearing and money.

Architectural breakdown: Binary

… and it all begins with binary. Binary is a ‘base 2’ numbering system which means it uses the numbers 0 and 1. In contrast...

04 Nov 2013   —  6 minute read

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Architecture isn't just for houses

So, with the scene now set (see previous posts) let’s dive right in and take a look at the system architecture I’ll be building my...

04 Nov 2013   —  2 minute read

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The three Rs

It strikes me that when embarking on a project like this there’s three things that are of uttermost importance, the three Rs if you will:...

03 Nov 2013   —  3 minute read

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Whenever I tell people I’m building a relay computer the overwhelming response is … why on Earth would you want to do that?! Or alternatively,...

02 Nov 2013   —  4 minute read

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It begins

… although being as I’m already a couple of months in on my little project then perhaps that should be ‘it began’. If I do...

31 Oct 2013   —  1 minute read

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