A blog about a computer made from relays - page 4

My journey in constructing an 8 bit relay computer from scratch ... made from of a ton of solder, wires, lights, relays, sweat, tears, swearing and money.

More Laser Cut Parts

I’ve nearly got the design for the memory cards done and ready to share but once that’s out the way it’ll be time to get...

06 Aug 2017   —  3 minute read

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Incrementer Design

In my last post I covered the design of the 16-bit half adder which takes whatever value is currently on the address bus and increments...

17 Jul 2017   —  3 minute read

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Register Design: Program Counter

It’s been a while since my last post … pretty much 10 months in fact … and I’d love to say I’ve been quietly working...

29 May 2017   —  5 minute read

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Yet another diversion

It’s been a bit quiet on the relay computer front again for a while … well it is summer after all and there’s no point...

24 Jul 2016   —  2 minute read

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Sequencing & Control Test

It’s finally time to give all the cards created so far a test so I can check everything works together as expected. This represents quite...

24 May 2016   —  2 minute read

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Sequencer Construction: 8-cycle FSM

I’m just about at the half way mark now for getting the computer to operate the MOV8, ALU and SETAB instructions. The easier cards are...

08 Jul 2015   —  6 minute read

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