A blog about a computer made from relays - page 5

My journey in constructing an 8 bit relay computer from scratch ... made from of a ton of solder, wires, lights, relays, sweat, tears, swearing and money.

New Workbench

Those who have been reading my posts and watching my videos (you have my sympathy) will know that alongside constructing this computer I’ve also been...

04 May 2015   —  5 minute read

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Sequencer Design: 8-cycle FSM

So far I’ve got the design complete for the instruction register along with the initial design for the decoder and so I’m well on the...

26 Jan 2015   —  6 minute read

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Decoder Design: MOV-8, ALU & SETAB

In my last post I introduced the design for the instruction register which holds the current 8-bit opcode that the computer is executing. The next...

04 Jan 2015   —  5 minute read

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Register Design: Instruction Register

Well, it’s fair to say that I rather underestimated just how much time decorating the new house would take up … and that’s mainly because...

01 Dec 2014   —  6 minute read

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Sequencing & Control Design: Overview

I’ve now got my computer to a state where I can perform ALU operations and push values around the four registers by manually operating the...

19 Sep 2014   —  11 minute read

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