A blog about a computer made from relays - page 7

My journey in constructing an 8 bit relay computer from scratch ... made from of a ton of solder, wires, lights, relays, sweat, tears, swearing and money.

Enclosure Update: Laser Cutting

I couldn’t resist it any longer … I’ve ordered the laser cut parts for the case doors, sides and bay floor/ceilings. I did say I’d...

10 Apr 2014   —  5 minute read

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Completed ALU

Following my last post on the completed backplane I’m now in a position to connect all the other completed cards together to test the full...

30 Mar 2014   —  3 minute read

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Enclosure Initial Construction

I’ve been promising this post for quite a while now … an update on how the enclosure construction is going. Well, it’s very good thanks...

22 Mar 2014   —  6 minute read

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Enclosure Disclosure

Sorry, I will try to rain in the terrible punning post titles. This time I wanted to share the thoughts and ideas I’ve been having...

01 Mar 2014   —  4 minute read

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